As you know, in order to produce energy so as our appliances and gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, televisions and vehicles like our cars or scooters can function, we use materials such as oil, coal or even wood. The burning of these materials emits greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide which trap and hold heat inside the atmosphere and allow less heat to escape back to space, resulting in the greenhouse effect, global warming and ultimately climate change. Studies have shown that the climate has changed significantly over the last years and it will continue changing in the future. It is estimated that the earth’s average temperature will rise while droughts will increase and cover larger areas. All these changes will affect the speed and intensity of the wind that travels around earth thus causing stronger longer-lasting hurricanes and storms. Furthermore polar ice will melt and therefore the sea level will rise, threatening coastal communities or even covering whole islands. Climate change affects and endangers landscapes and ecosystems causing the extinction of species and natural imbalance. Some ways to slow down or even stop all these changes would be to reduce carbon pollution by walking or using our bicycles for short distances, use alternative energy sources like the power of the wind, the power of the sun or even geothermal energy. We should also try to protect our forests and wildlife and eventually if all of the above solutions won’t have any effect, we should try to adapt to the new climate.

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