Excluding flights

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Daily Distance: 40 – 50 km
  • Daily Climb: 700 m

Customization of daily length and climb is possible. 

Available bikes:

  • Trekking Bikes
  • Road bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Tandem bike




Eastern Crete Cycling Tour (Self-Guided Tour)

About this holiday

Crete is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. And this tour combines history, culture, mountains, beaches, lakes, good food, lots of raki and Cretan music! You will begin in Heraklion, the capital, and you will follow the coast passing through Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra, Palaiochora and finally Rethymno.  On the way you will visit the most important archaeological sites of Crete, Knossos and Phaestos, the impressive remains of the Minoan civilization which flourished about 4000 years ago. In addition you will have the chance to relax by the beach, taste the local food in the numerous tavernas and restaurants, but mostly just immerse yourself in Cretan hospitality.

This tour is of moderate difficulty. It is created for recreational cyclists; however, you must have a standard/good level of fitness to feel comfortable. The daily distance is around 50km (check daily program) and the daily total climb averages no more than 600m with the exception of one day (860m). Of course in case you will need help, we provide 24h telephone support so we will step in and help.

For those seeking a more “in depth” Cretan experience, the tour is also offered with 2 nights at each waypoint. For these extra days we offer a variety of cycling routes, boat trips, daily excursions and various other alternatives.

Personalised programs can be created for you at an additional charge depending on the number of participants, duration and component parts of the tour.

Why choose this holiday?

Crete is a unique destination and cycling is one of the best ways to explore it. The island has a huge amount to offer and appeals to discerning travelers who want a unique experience. History combined with fitness, leisure and natural beauty, all in one.

Self-guided biking tour

Participating in a self-guided biking tour is one of the most pleasant ways to discover a destination in depth. Upon your arrival, we will supply you with you access to GPS application with routes, maps, road book, etc., and of course your bike with all necessary equipment such as panniers, service kit, locks etc.  From then on you will have the freedom to spend your time in any way you wish. Whether you decide to wake up early or start later, you cycle at your own pace and stop anywhere that catches your interest on the proposed route. In this way you are not obliged to follow a specific schedule but can just follow at your own tempo.

In addition, each day we take care of your luggage transfer, so you don’t have to carry anything extra with you, and of course we provide 24h telephone support in case of emergency just to be sure everything rolls along smoothly.

A Sustainable Holiday

Arcas Travel Services believes in sustainable and responsible tourism, and is committed to having the lowest possible environmental impact. By employing only local guides and using only regional services we provide a form of tourism that benefits the community. The visitor also benefits by being able to come closer to authentic local cultures and traditions due to our unique local knowledge. We think tourism should be about respect and benefit to the local inhabitants and that responsible travelers will get more out of their holiday by giving a little bit back to the special places and people that they meet. To help offset the carbon emissions Arcas also donates 10 Euros per client which is shared between forestry commissions in the Peloponnese for reforestation after the deadly fires of 2007.

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DAY 1: Arrival-Heraklion

Arrival is at Heraklion airport or port and upon request we can transfer you to your hotel. You have the day free to explore the city at will, perhaps visiting the famous “Koule” (castle) dominating the port, or the archaeological museum. Heraklion is the biggest city on Crete and is the provincial capital. It has over 3000 years of history and you will leave wishing you had spent more time in her ancient lanes. Delivery of your bikes and equipment takes place during the evening and you spend the night in Heraklion. EXTRA DAY: If you choose to take the 15-day trip you could spend your day in the town visiting the attractions such as the archaeological or you could take a cycle ride. You can cycle up to Rogdia, a hill village with nice taverns and an amazing view of the sea and the city. You can also pass through the traditional village of Arolithos with its traditional kafeneio, tavern and even a café with swimming pool

DAY 2: Heraklion-Knossos-Ano Hersonissosn/Koutouloufari (37Km,+430m)

Today we start our cycling trip and very soon arrive at Knossos. Not only the biggest and the most important of the Cretan archaeological sites, but also the greatest expression of Minoan architecture known to man; Knossos is an integral part of European history and as such it is known as Europe’s oldest city. Once there you can visit the Minoan Palace and surrounding remains from 2000-1400 BC. We continue our ride and drop in at the Cretan aquarium where you can experience the Mediterranean Marine world with its hundreds of fascinating species. Finally, we arrive in either Ano Xersonisos or Koutouloufari, two traditional Cretan villages that, although having some tourism, have manage to retain their authentic character. EXTRA DAY: There is a cycle ride up to one of several mountain villages, our route takes you through traditional regions and magical scenery (35Km,+840m). Or maybe a day at the beach and further exploration of the town.

DAY 3: Ano Hersonissos/ Koutouloufari – Agios Nikolaos (41Km,+591m)

Get ready for a day in the saddle! Travelling throught spectacular mountain scenery you’ll pass traditional villages like Vrahasi, where time has stood still, as the road will take you down to Agios Nikalaos, the picturesque capital of Lasithi. On the way, you can visit the Vassilakis Estate in Neapoli, where you can taste the traditionally produced olive oil, visit the olive museum and see an original olive mill from 1865! Upon arrival in Agios Nikolaos you can walk around the “lake”, around the old port and explore the loveliest town in Eastern Crete. EXTRA DAY: Take a cycling tour to Elounda and the Island of Spinalonga, one of the most famous locations on Crete. The tour is a total of 32Km with a climb of 498m. Once you reach Plaka you can take the short boat ride to Spinalonga. The island was once used as a fort and ended its days as leper colony under Venetian rule.

DAY 4: Agios Nikolaos-Ierapetra (37Km,+462m)

Today you will begin your cycle ride following the coast and then winding your way through the olive groves eventually come to your destination in Ierapetra, an important town on the south-east Cretan coast. Swim at one of the golden beaches that you will pass or continue onto the town center with its cafes and the restaurants.EXTRA DAY: Follow the coast at your leisure, parking your bicycle at any beach you choose. Alternatively, take a boat trip to the island of Gaidouronissi just opposite Ierapetra. The island is a unique experience with its golden beach and the hazel waters.

DAY 5: Ierapetra-Tsoutsouros (57Km, +860m)

This is going to be your longest and highest climb, however, there are so many amazing places along the way that you´ll find yourself stopping regularly having a good excuse for a sneaky rest. You’ll have a great day! The route is mainly coastal and passes through beautiful villages like Myrtos, Tertsa and Keratokambos and eventually ends up in the tranquil town of Tsoutsouros. This day is a mixture of coastal landscapes, picturesque villages and quiet roads. EXTRA DAY: Cycle if you want, but we recommend a rest after yesterday’s cycling. Of course there is the beach and later the traditional tavernas and restaurants of the town will offer you a truly authentic Cretan experience, (and don’t forget to taste the local raki!)

DAY 6: Tsoutsouros-Phaistos-Agia Galini (65Km/+620m or 73Km/+740m)

Get in the car for a transfer 500 meters altitude high on the mountain and then some kilomters (optionally) closer to our final destination, in Mesohori. Stronger cyclist can start earlier adding an extra 8 Km on the days ride. Otherwise jump in the car and will take you 500m. up to have gentler start to the day. You’ll ride among the olive trees on the plateau and pass through small villages in the area reaching the highlight of the day: The Palace of Phaistos. This is a Bronze Age archaeological site of major impotance. Continuing your journey you will arrive in Agia Galini, a small seaside town on the hilly Cretan coast. EXTRA DAY: You can relax by the beach and enjoy the tavernas and cafes, or you can cycle to Matala (55km/+770m both ways), a small village in the south to see one of the best beaches on Crete.

DAY 7: Agia Galini-Rethymno (32Km,+585m or 47Km, +760m)

And so, we come to our last day on our bikes. Unless you insist, we will transfer you to one of the 2 mountain villages to avoid the steep (500m.) climb which you will be confronted with. We will leave you on the summit or take you on to Spili village to shorten the route. Passing through the mountain villages of the Rethimno Province you will come to the artificial lake of ” Limni ton Potamon” which means ” Lake of the rivers”. Crossing the dam gives you a good opportunity for a stop either to enjoy the scenery or try the local tavernas, or both. You then continue to Rethimno, the capital of the province with its historical past. The city was founded by the Venetians and wandering within the old town you will soak up the atmosphere of its noble past. Of course, no visit is complete without a walk around “Fortezza”, the Venetian Era citadel! The small shops, bars and taverns complete the atmosphere and don’t forget to taste the raki once again with Greek meze! EXTRA DAY: Taday you can enjoy the long beach in front of the town or walk through the center with its museums and cultural attractions. Alternatively, cycle to ancient Eleftherna (47Km and a climb of+685m), a major archaeological site. The city was founded in 9th century BC high in the mountains and has an amazing museum. 5Km further you can visit the 1000 years old Arkadiou Monastery (52Km/+770m) where the Greeks blew themselves up so as not to surrender to the Ottomans in 1866. Today it is a European Liberty Monument as designated by UNESCO.

DAY 8: Departure

We Greeks don’t like to say goodbye. Instead we prefer to say «Εις το επανιδείν» which means that we hope to see you again some time!


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All of our cooperatives are 3*hotels/rooms/apartments and they are selected very carefully. They all meet several standards set by us concerning cleanness, breakfast, location, services and are operated by locals! According to the number of persons and the needs of each participant, we choose the most suitable room for you. For singles or couples, we arrange the stay in a standard room. If you are a family, we will take care of you to stay in an Apartment or Junior Suite where possible so you will have plenty of space and you will be all together. *In case of non-availability, we will book for you a hotel of similar quality among our several cooperators in each destination. ** Upgrades have an extra charge, depending on room type and hotel.

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Price: From €940p.p./€1440p.p(8 days/15 days) for double room.

 Price  Includes:

  • Accommodation for 7/14 nights
  • Luggage transfer between hotels,
  • Transfer of bikers on day 6 and day 7,
  • Navigation via GPS mobile application and Map books with routes (1 piece/couple),
  • Mobile phone mount for the handlebar
  • Complete information about the area,
  • 24h telephone support

Single Supplement: 140 p.p. / 280 p.p.

Taxi transfer Heraklio airport to Heraklio hotel 35€ (1-3 pax)

Taxi transfer Rethymno hotel to Heraklio airport 150€ (1-3 pax)

Bike rental

  • Trekking bike 90 €/week
  • Road bike 130 €/week
  • E-bike 280 €/week
  • Tandem 250€/week
  • Helmet 10 €/week
  • GPS Device rental upon request 70€/week

Price does not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Excursions on your free time
  • Entrance tickets for archaeological sites & museums etc.
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