How does the traveller benefit participating in “responsible travel” holidays?

Just imagine coming to Greece and spending all your time in an all-inclusive hotel. Although the hotel might have facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds and a restaurant with food from all around the world what would you have finally seen of Greece? Most possibly nothing! People who choose responsible travel wish to obtain an authentic, unique and deeper experience. 

Our mission is to introduce the traveller not only to the local community and culture, but also to expose the traveler to the unspoiled, natural beauty of the surrounding environment. In doing so, we hope to build a greater understanding and respect for the history, the community and ecological importance of the Peloponnese. Responsible travellers appreciate more experiences which are related to the local people’s culture and tradition, than those intended for the tourists which have either been created for them, or which have been altered by the mass tourism.

In our holidays you will:

  • Stay most often in places which have managed to stay away from mass-tourism where you will experience the authentic Greek way of living.
  • Get to know the local culture and community by getting in touch with the locals.
  • Experience the Greek habitants and traditions by participating in festivals or celebrations (if they coincide with your stay here), learning to cook some Greek food or trying to learn some Greek words!
  • Pass and see places that only a local tour operator knows and can get you.