Laconia Coastal Biking Tour (Self-Guided Tour)



per person

Laconia – South Peloponnese

8 days

2024, every Saturday from April to October



Get lost on two wheels in the Laconian countryside, surrounded by orange and olive trees.

  • Difficulty: easy/ moderate
  • Daily Distance: 30 – 50 km
  • Daily Climb: 700 m

Customization of daily length and climb is possible. 

Available bikes:

  • Trekking Bike
  • Road Bike
  • E-Bike
  • Tandem bike



Laconia Coastal Biking Tour (Self-Guided Tour)

About this holiday

Explore the beautiful South-East part of Peloponnese, Laconia, with a bike trip that combines the golden Greek beaches, with the Greek history and culture. Beginning from the famous military city-state of ancient world, Sparta, you will head south and passing by Elafonisos, with one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, you will end up to the unique Castle-town Monemvassia. Suitable for anyone with an intermediate level of fitness, the tour is easy enough with mostly flat roads and everyday distances no more than 50Km. Idyllic landscapes, turquoise water, endless beaches and history will keep you company in every step of this exciting ride.

Self-guided tour

During this trip, you will cycle on your own without the presence of a guide. We will provide to you all necessary equipment, maps(in printed form or access to gps application) and information about the routes and points of interest so you can easily take the tour. In addition, we will take care of the transportation of your luggage so you will find them in the next hotel when you arrive. In this way, you will be totally independent and free to cycle any time you wish(morning or afternoon), make a stop anywhere you want(beaches, archaeological sites, taverns etc) and spend there as much time you prefer.  At the same time, we provide 24h hotline in case of emergency. Just give us a call and we will find the best way to help if anything occurs!

Responsible travel holiday

Responsible travel is a new way of travelling for all those who prefer authenticity of experiences, life and culture instead of mass tourism. It’s about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment – but it’s about far more than that. Responsible travel is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people in tourism. It’s about doing this in a fair way that helps ensure that they will give you an even warmer welcome. For example, a local guide from the destination will open your eyes to their cultures and ways of life far better than an expat guide could ever do.

The responsible travelers want to get a little bit more out of their travels, and to give a little bit back to the special places and people that they encounter. They want deeper and more real travel experiences. The responsible traveler values authenticity – experiences integral to local people’s traditions, cultures and rituals – rather than those created for tourism, or those whose existing meanings and uses have become lost as they have been packaged up for tourism.

Choosing our holidays, you choose responsible holidays. One of our biggest concerns is to secure that tourism will not affect negatively our area in ecological and also socio-cultural way, and also that the locals will mostly benefit from your travel. Our company which is the organizer and operator of this package is local-based, all our employees are locals and the overwhelming majority of the hotels that we cooperate with are owned by locals too.

In this trip, you will be given printed material about how to apply maximum responsibility during your holidays. We also, as a company, offer €5 per person for the environment, for offsetting the carbon emissions caused by this trip. This money are going to be used, in cooperation with the local Forestry Office, the Greek Climbing Club of Tripoli and the Tripoli Ecologist Club, for reforestation in our mountains, that have been hit by great fires in the summer of 2007.

Day by day itinerary


Arrival in Athens National Airport and transfer upon request to Sparta, the capital of Laconia. It is well known as the kingdom of King Leonidas whose statue stands imposing in front of the stadium of the town, and for the 300 brave Spartans who fought against the numerous Persian armies in Thermopylae back in 480 BC. Sparta is built on foot of mount Taygetos in an altitude of 216 meters next to Evrotas River and a valley full of orange, olive, lemon and other trees extends around the city.

You will have the chance to walk around and explore the night life of the city. You can visit the ancient Greek theater of the Spartans, which has a capacity of 16.000 spectators and the temple of the Chalkoikos Athena together with the other ancient Greek and Byzantine remains in the Acropolis of the city. For the lovers of gastronomy and food and also of the tradition and culture, the olive oil museum is another interesting choice! There you can see exhibits that narrate the evolution and development of the production of olive oil and olive harvest, two products that are so connected to Greek culture. In case you arrive late in Sparta and you will not have time to visit any of the above, you can do it probably in the next morning before your departure. Overnight Sparta.


DAY 2:  SPARTA – MYSTRAS– GYTHEIO (67Km/+830 m/ -1026 m)

In the morning, we will deliver to you the bikes with your equipment at the hotel. Making sure that everything is ready and you are comfortable with your bike, you will leave the capital of Laconia and head to the great Byzantine city of Mystras, the “Wonder of Morea” as it is said. Mystras which is the second Castle town of Laconia after Monemvassia that stands in a beautiful total green landscape on the top of a 260m hill overlooking Sparta just 6 km northwest. The settlement was formed during the times of crusaders’ invasion to the Byzantine land of Peloponnese and just the year 1962 it came under the Byzantine control. Breathtaking medieval ruins, Byzantine churches, partially preserved mosaics, monasteries and palaces while wandering through the narrow streets will surely impress you. Bear in mind that if you wish to explore completely this corner of magnificent Laconia you will need 2 to 3 hours.

You continue cycling southern among orangeries and olive groves before you arrive to Gythio, a small seaside fish town with a picturesque port full of traditional fish taverns. The inhabitants who are in majority fishermen provide on daily basis these taverns with fresh fish so you can taste it straight from the sea, by the dock. North of the town, on the foot of the cliff, the ancient theaterstands where cultural events take place while south in Kranai island you can face the endless deep blue sea from the marble octagon lighthouse built in 1872. According to Homer and Pausanias, Paris and Helen spent the night in Kranai Island before their journey to Troy. Small fishing boats and three-storey neo-classic buildings dominate the place giving a multicultural and Aegean glamour to it. Overnight at Gythio.


DAY 3:  BEACH TOUR – GYTHIO (39.1 km/+590m/-590m)

This day is dedicated to the marvelous beaches that surround Gythio. You roll southerly to Mavrovouni, Vathi, Kamares and Skoutari beach and do not hesitate to dive in the crystal water of the Laconian Bay or just sunbathe on virgin pebbly beaches. Just pick the beach that you like the most and make a stop! Alternatively, if you prefer not to cycle a lot, you can spend the whole day on the beautiful beach of Mavrovouni where you can find taverns, beach bars, watersports etc. and relax by the sea. Overnight at Gytheio.



DAY 4:  GYTHEIO – ELIA  ( 38.4 km / +287 m)

Today you leave Gythio and cycle by the sea heading east to Elia, passing by traditional settlements such as Asteri and wandering through the fertile Laconian land which is filled with orangeries and olive groves.

Elia is a small fish village known for the deep blue coasts, the incomparable natural beauty and the unique sunset for the romantic at heart. At the small picturesque port you can see scattered fish boats and the local fishermen returning from a fishing day. A visit to the Byzantine tower located on top of the cliff is suggested as the view from up there is ecstatic! Overnight at Elia.


DAY 5:  ELIA – NEAPOLI (51 km +708 m / -707 m)

After a good breakfast you step on your bike and keep cycle southerly to Neapoli. On your way along the country road, you roll through villages and diverse crops experiencing a unique tour. For those who are more fit, alternatively they can choose to ride along an almost undiscovered part of a unique coastal beauty for 10 km! It is a demanding route with an average difficulty but you will be fully satisfied by the experience as you will roll right by the amazing deep blue of Laconian Bay feeling the smooth touch of Greek sun on your face. Neapoli or Vatica is the extreme of continental Europe. It is a town with great nautical tradition and an island aura as white traditional buildings dominate the place.

Its long tree-lined strip of land at the seafront is full of taverns, cafes and bars where you can stop and take a break after biking. Apart from that, Neapoli is the base for sightseeing in the vicinity. Maybe one of the most impressive monuments is the Petrified Forest of Agia Marina, approx. 15 km east of Neapoli, between Agios Nikolaos and Cape Malea. Right by the sea you can literally explore a forest of palm trees turned to stone due to a rather rare natural process and numerous fossilized seashells. If you would like to visit it, you could either ride or go by taxi. Overnight at Neapoli.


DAY 6:  NEAPOLI – ELAFONISOS ISL. – NEAPOLI (57.3 km /+304 m / -304 m)

Today you will bike up to the small port of Pounta from where you take the ferry and after a few minutes you arrive in Elafonisos, a small island of 19sqm and total perimeter 31km with few inhabitants situated just opposite Neapoli. A top destination in Peloponnese, a real gem of South Greece, with the most beautiful sandy beach (Simos Beach) in the Mediterranean Sea as many people believe! On arriving at the port of Elafonisos, the first thing you see is the picturesque church of Saint Spyridon and you can smell the freshly made traditional food in the taverns nearby where you can always find fresh sea food thanks to local fish boats. You can cycle through the island, swim, or relax on the lace sandy beach. It is a real heaven on Earth! Opposite Elafonisos on the bottom of the sea, the ancient submerged settlement of Pavlopetri, the oldest sunken city of the world,lays.The most courageous people dive to see the ruins of the proto-Hellenic civilization discovered in 1968. Return back and overnight Neapoli.


DAY 7A:  NEAPOLI – MONEMVASSIA (27.3 km +427 m / -392 m)

In the morning, you start your today’s ride. You will take the new coastal road from Neapoli to Monemvasia which is a wonderful route through dense vegetation and amazing view along your way before you reach the highlight of this trip, the Castle-town of Monemvasia.

Optionally (Day 7B), if you are fit and confident enough you could try riding your bike to reach to the top of Kryovrisi, at an altitude of 600m., although this might be demanding for the most. From Kryovrisi, you start a wonderful downhill route through beautiful vegetation and breathtaking view along your way before you reach the unique Castle-town of Monemvasia.  It is time to explore the final touch on the portrait of Laconia, the cross-road of civilizations through centuries, as Byzantines, Franks, Venetians and Ottomans have left marks of their domination on the rock. Even though cars and bikes are not allowed inside the castle-town, a tour on foot is absolutely necessary. Once you enter the castle through the unique entrance, you will be impressed by the walls, the old mansions, the narrow cobblestone alleys, the churches, old short arches and marble imperial thrones. An image of the setting sun while almost kissing the endless blue sea will ideally close your day. Overnight at Monemvasia.


After a good breakfast, you will take you luggage, and get ready for the transfer back to the airport. If you wish, you can add some more activities in this trip, like a guided tour to the Acropolis of Athens or just stay a couple of days in Athens. In addition, you can check the rest of our programs and combine another one if you are interested such as our Archaeology Tour of Greece or spend some days relaxing at a sea-side destination.



Price tour: from 840€ per person including:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights/8 days  with breakfast in 3* hotels or apartments
  • Luggage transfer between the hotels
  • Access to GPS application
  • Mobile phone mount for the handlebar
  • Complete information about the area
  • 24h telephone support

excluding flights, excursions on your free time, entrance tickets for archaeological sites & museums etc.

Bike delivery and bike pick up for the guests that don’t wish to include the transfers upon arrival/departure

Bike delivery 60€/booking (in case you do not book the arrival transfer)

Bike collection 60€/booking (in case you do not book the departure transfer)

Additional Charges:

  • Single supplement: 155€ per person
  • High Season fee (May 11th -June 8th and September 7th – October 12th): 60€ per person

Bike rental:

  • Trekking bike 90€/week
  • Road bike 130€/week
  • E- bike 240€/week
  • Τandem 250€/week
  • Helmet 10€/week
  • GPS device upon request 70€/week


  1. Transfer by public Bus (National Transportation)
  2. Direct transfer by us:
  • Athens airport-Sparta €270 (1-3 persons)
  • Monemvasia-Athens airport €390 (1-3 persons).
  • Kalamata airport – Sparta €120 (1-3 persons)
  • Monemvasia-Kalamata airport €180 (1-3 persons).


During this tour you will stay in 3* Hotels or Apartments. All accommodations have been selected by us and are checked in person by our crew. They fulfill a minimum level of standards set like cleanness, stuff behavior, breakfast, comfort and more. In terms of our Responsible Travel Policy, all accommodations are owned by locals, they mainly employee locals and do care about the environment. Most probably you will meet the owners themselves, have a cup of coffee with them or taste the breakfast made by their hands! For the most demanding there is also the possibility of upgrade in for 4* Hotels but only in some places. Contact us for more details.


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