Spetses, Poros & the Argosaronic Coastal Biking Tour in Greece



per person

Ancient Epidaurus

8 days


Cycle through the most glamorous and green islands of Greece, which are a breath away from Athens.

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Daily Distance: 40 – 50 km
  • Daily Climb: 400 m

Customization of daily length and climb is possible. 

Available bikes:

  • Trekking Bikes
  • Road bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Tandem bike

The Peloponnese’s east shoreline and the islands dotting the Argolic & Saronic Gulf waters are popular tourist destinations in close proximity to Athens. Poros and Spetses can offer their visitors memorable experiences that include views of beautiful land & seascapes, impressive archaeological sites, museums, stately homes, picturesque villages and wonderful beaches. Starting from Palea Epidaurus ,a coastline town, whose main attraction is the theatre located nearby which is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece. Our next destination will be Poros ,a little island of Greece located in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, offering amazing beaches and a lively main town. Passing by a coastal road you arrive in Ermioni, a small town constructed around the port and surrounded by lush greenery. There are many beaches in close distance to Ermioni town with crystal water and a relaxing atmosphere.You cycling tour ends up on Spetses  a popular Saronic island ,known for its elegant atmosphere, as it is full of impressive mansions, as well as the car ban that keeps its atmosphere calm. On the island you will find a yacht marina, boutique hotels and sophisticated restaurants, as well as secluded beaches with turquoise waters.A biking trip that is suitable for anyone fitness wise, since the daily routes are easy enough to be made. So pack your bags and get ready for this unforgettable tour!

Self-guided tour
During this trip, you will cycle on your own without the presence of a guide. We will provide to you all necessary equipment, maps(in printed form or GPS application) and information about the routes and points of interest so you can easily take the tour. In addition, we will take care of the transportation of your luggage so you will find them in the next hotel when you arrive. In this way, you will be totally independent and free to cycle any time you wish(morning or afternoon), make a stop anywhere you want(beaches, archaeological sites, taverns etc.)and spend there as much time as you prefer. At the same time, we provide 24h telephone line in case of emergency. Just give us a call and we will find the best way to help if anything occurs!

Responsible travel holiday

Responsible travel is a new way of traveling for all those who prefer authenticity of experiences, life and culture instead of mass tourism. It’s about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment – but it’s about far more than that. Responsible travel is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people in tourism. It’s about doing this in a fair way that helps ensure that they will give you an even warmer welcome. For example, a local guide from the destination will open your eyes to their cultures and ways of life far better than an expat guide could ever do.

The responsible travelers want to get a little bit more out of their travels, and to give a little bit back to the special places and people that they encounter. They want deeper and more real travel experiences. The responsible traveler values authenticity – experiences integral to local people’s traditions, cultures and rituals – rather than those created for tourism, or those whose existing meanings and uses have become lost as they have been packaged up for tourism.

Choosing our holidays, you choose responsible holidays. One of our biggest concerns is to secure that tourism will not affect negatively our area in ecological and also socio-cultural way, and also that the locals will mostly benefit from your travel. Our company which is the organizer and operator of this package is local-based, all our employees are locals and the overwhelming majority of the hotels that we cooperate with are owned by locals

Day by day itinerary

DAY 1: Arrival – Palaia Epidaurus

Transfer under request from the Athens airport to Palaia Epidaurus, which is a coastline town, whose main attraction is the theatre located nearby. Its closest beach is called Gialasi, with an extension of just 1 km.

To get there it takes just a 10-minutes walk through a downhill. It is a picturesque beach, delimited by lush green pine trees. Palaia Epidaurus beach follows the general vibe of the place, which is mainly unspoiled and not very modified by civilisation along time. When you arrive, you will get your bikes and equipment at the hotel. Overnight Palaia Epidaurus.

DAY 2: Palaia Epidaurus-Galatas (36.3 km +482 m / -471 m)

In the morning, you will begin the trip to Poros. The route will take you through mostly the coastal road as you cycle next to Saronic gulf. A cycling route where you can also see the peninsula of Methana with its two steep volcanic slopes. Methana is actually a volcano that emerged from the sea.You arrive at Galatas ,the sister- town of Poros, located only a few hundred meters from Poros island, and connected frequently by ferry boats which travel between Both towns.After disembarking at Poros. The Poros Strait, and the seaside area of Galata with its pine, olive, and lemon groves surround the picturesque Poros town, where beautiful neoclassical buildings grace the seafront; it’s a place of great beauty! Poros town and the harbour area have been built on the hillside, opposite the shores of Troizinia. The town’s picturesque alleys, Neorio,  and  Bourtzi Islet  are  some  of  the  must-visit  places  on  the  island. The clock tower of Poros is the island’s landmark, located on the hilltop, and surrounded by prickly pear trees and pine trees. This spot offers an amazing view of the harbour, the opposite shores of the Peloponnese, and the Lemon tree forest. The clock stands out, from whichever location you look at it; it is truly the town gem! Overnight Poros.

DAY 3: Poros round tour  (20 km, +422 m / -422 m)

In the morning, you will begin the trip around Poros. Start your cycling by visiting the beaches at Mikro Neorio and Megalo Neorio, as well as the one at Limanaki tis Agapis (meaning ‘The Cove of Love’) with the crystal clear waters. Continue to the Russian Naval  Dockyard,  located 5km NW of the town and the harbour in a beautiful cove. The original structures included warehouses and bakeries built to provide for the needs of the Russian Fleet stationed there back in 1834.

Your cycling continues through the beautiful landscape to the ruins of the temple of Poseidon (520 BC) are to be found in Palatia location (5.5 km NE), between Vigla and Profitis Ilias area, in the north part of the island. The main temple was a rectangular peripteros construction (i.e. there was a perimeter of six and twelve columns).

You can see the foundations of this temple, the stoas [porticos] of the agora and the Vouleftirion (the parliament building). The temple forms an isosceles triangle with the temples of Aphaia on Aegina Island and that of Poseidon in Cape Sounio. Overnight Poros.

DAY 4: Poros-Ermioni (41.3 km, +543 m / -546 m)

Today you leave Poros, taking the ferry back to Galatas.You start cycling from Galatas to Ermioni following the coastal road. On the way you pass by The Lemon Forest of Poros which is the only one in Greece. In May, the whole town of Poros is engulfed in the heavenly scent of lemon blossoms wafting across from the green lemon forest shores. The dense lemon and orange trees add an ethereal beauty and simplicity to the landscape.

Ambling through the Lemon Tree Forest, Lemonodassos in Greek is pure joy.Nested between the trees you find picturesque watermills that add scenic beauty to the whole place. There is also a wonderful waterfall inside the lemon tree forest area. Tourists who bicycle to see the old temple at Trizina travel through this enchanted lemon forest experiencing a wonderful feeling.

Then you arrive at Metochi,a small port where boat taxis depart for Hydra. You finally arrive at Ermioni, a beautiful seaside village constructed around the port and surrounded by lush greenery. Few pebbled beaches can be reached by foot from the port of Ermioni, but the most beautiful places to swim are found in short distance away. Overnight Ermioni.

DAY 5: Ermioni-Koilada round tour (52.3 km, +792 m / -792 m)

Today get ready for an amazing round tour from Ermioni. Fascinating images expect you today while cycling along with slight ups and downs. At 14.7km you can cycle straight to the main road so as to have the full route  which  includes  about 2.5km of dirt road. This route is not recommended for road bikers.

The other option is to turn left following the main road to rejoin the route at 29.6 km. The highlight of the day is Koilada, a picturesque and quiet village with some moorings in the areas nearby. The main activities in this village are still fishing, and boats repair. In fact, the shipyards of Kilada are among the few remaining places in Argolida prefecture where ships are built and repaired. The surrounding areas of Kilada offer unspoiled beauty. Other places of interest are the monastery of Zoodohos Pigi, the churches  of  Agios Demetrios, Agios Nikolaos, and Evangelistria.

Next destination is Kranidi ,the provincial capital of Ermioni, placed at its centre cape in the southern area of Argolis, Peloponnese. Its name is related to the word Kranaos, meaning rocky trough. In spite of having this role of capital, Kranidi is still is a traditional small town.

In fact, Kranidi dominates the interior plain of Ermionida, one of the three counties that form the prefecture of Argolida. It is built on a hill, with the port of Kilada village below, which is also very picturesque. There are still some remains from that period. The houses are finely elaborated, with iron ornamentation on their balconies, while the churches constitute  another  remain  in these terms. The streets are still narrow and cobbled; these facts also contribute to the particular charm of Kranidi. Overnight Ermioni.

DAY 6: Ermioni-Porto Heli-Kosta  (35.5 km, +380 m / – 380 m)

Today, you’ll be riding through the beautiful coastal road to Porto Heli. On the way you pass by organized and remote beaches, with soft sand and clean water.

Porto Heli is a cosmopolitan port village on the eastern side of Peloponnese. Originally a secluded fishing village, the place started to gradually develop in the 1970s when Athenians built summer houses there and many rich men bought plots of land.

Many visitors also come with their private yachts and moor at the large marina of the town.Then you cycle back to Kosta,a small port on the Southern tip of the Ermionida region which offers the main sea crossing point to the Argo- Saronic Island of Spetses .You take the ferry to Spetses. Overnight Spetses.

DAY 7: Spetses Round tour (25 km, +599 m / -598 m)

The  island of Spetses is mostly known  for its elegant atmosphere, as it is full  of impressive mansions, as well as the car ban that keeps its atmosphere calm. On the island you will find a yacht marina, boutique hotels and sophisticated restaurants, as well as secluded beaches with turquoise waters.

The last biking day of your journey can be converted to a nice full-day excursion, combining cycling with some stops for swimming. An important fact is the lack of vehicles, which are strictly prohibited on the island.

Bicycles,scooters and horse-drawn carts, are the main transport. The total journey is 25 km long and the highest point of the road is nearly 150 m from the sea level.The road is good (asphalt), without cars and steep uphills. Overnight Spetses

DAY 8: Departure

After a good breakfast, you will pack your luggage and get ready for your way back to Athens.


Price tour: from 960€ per person including:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights/8 days in 3* hotels with breakfast
  • Luggage transfer between hotels
  • Complete information about the area
  • Mobile phone mount for the handlebar
  • Access to GPS application with routes
  • 24h emergency phone support

excluding flights and boat tickets

Bike delivery fee 60€/booking (in case you do not book the arrival transfer)

Bike collection fee 60€/booking (in case you do not book the departure transfer)

Additional Charges:

  • Single supplement: 155€
  •  Upgrade to 4* hotels in Spetses: 70€ per person

Bike rental:

  • Trekking bike 90€/week
  • Road bike 130€/week
  • E- bike 240€/week
  • Τandem 250€/week


  1. Transfer by public Bus (National Transportation) or on your own
  2. Direct transfer Athens-Epidaurus: 200€ (1-3 persons)
  3. Direct transfer Kosta-Athens: €260(1-3 persons)
  4. Bike transfer €10 (one way).



3* Hotels or apartments upon availability

Upgrade to 4* hotels, wherever is possible upon request



Spetses Poros and argosaronic biking tour map



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