How to Stay Cool in Summer

how to stay cool in summer

Even though summer is usually the time for rest, recreation and relaxation, there are some things that can be dangerous for your health. You should certainly avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as it can cause you dehydration or a heat-related illness. During extended periods of time in direct sunlight your body works overtime to keep your temperature stable so as to keep you cool. The human body is a complex system that uses a great number of functions to maintain life, don’t try to make your health worse by being careless. Exposed in the sunlight your heart rate and metabolism increase, your body starts sweating and loses fluids and salts, sunrays damage your skin cells and you feel exhausted in no time.

Things to do to avoid all of the above when you are at the beach:

  1. Use sun protection products which provide protection against the harmful effects of sun exposure.
  2. Wear clothes made of light materials such as cotton. Cotton permits the circulation of the air and keeps you cool.
  3. Hydrate! Drink lots of water, sports drinks which contain electrolytes or you can even make your own sports drink using water, salt, lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice and honey instead of sugar to sweeten the taste.
  4. Eat small, light meals and eat often. Opinions are divided on whether you should swim after having a meal or not so pay extreme caution to this fact and decide what’s best for your family to do.
  5. Know your limits! Don’t try swimming if you are feeling tired or sleepy. Respect the sea, it can be unpredictable, never take it for granted or you will realize how dangerous it can be.
  6. Swim in the morning or late afternoon! Avoid sun exposure between 10:00 to 16:00 when the sunlight is strongest.
  7. The last tip would be… Wherever you go or wherever you already are, have fun..!

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