Tripoli, Greece: 4 Reasons Why I Love My Town!


Tripoli, Greece: 4 Reasons why I love my town!

These days, I wake up and everything starts with a smile! I’m not crazy or in love but after the continuously bad news about the terrorist attacks in Europe, the attacks against Syria and the refugees, I realize how lucky and secure I am to live in this amazing and historical city, Tripoli! I moved here 12 years ago without knowing anyone or anything for this small city. Well no one needs reasons to like his own community and of course no place is perfect but in time those became the things I found very interesting:

Before I start a few things about the location

Tripoli is located in the central part of Peloponnese, in Greece and it’s the capital of the Arcadia area. The town has around 50.000 inhabitants.

At all sides, it’s surrounded by mountains. Due to this, in the region prevails the Mediterranean climate which means hot summers and really cold winters.

The army, the aviation, the football club of Asteras and the basketball club of Arkadikos have provided economic growth to Tripoli.

Crime rates and violence are low and that gives you the sense of freedom. Kids are playing free in the squares and the neighborhoods and people are walking back home safely anytime they want. 


During the Greek War of Independence, its Siege was considered having major importance for strategy reasons and at the beginning of the Revolution it was one of the mainly targets of General Kolokotronis. For all the Greeks but mostly the citizens of Tripoli, Kolokotronis is honored as a hero and in 1930 Prime Minister Elefterios Venizelos decided to transfer his bones from Athens to his statue in Tripoli.

Even though it’s a small city, it has its own charms. The mixture between modern buildings and oldest architecture is truly amazing.  The innovator architect, Ernst Tsiller visited the town and left his mark in several buildings, such as the archaeological museum.

Food and wine

One of my favorite things in the area is the tasting of Greek traditional food although it’s really bad for me if you think that I don’t have time to exercise! Between the pedestrians squares you can find a variety of local taverns with traditional dishes. Always combine it with a glass of wine, as everyone here is expert in making it.

Friendly people 

I was born in a big city and I studied in Athens. Well, in big cities relationships are very difficult and impersonal. Here, the inhabitants know what hospitality means. They are ready to greet you with a smile and start a conversation with you. If you are a foreign, they will assist you instantly.


If you want to travel with your family or with your friends, there is a variety of events and activities for you to choose. Great significant archaeological sites, museums, caves, Lousios River for rafting or trekking, cooking lessons in local cuisine are some of the things you could choose to do in the surrounding area. Personally, I love all the area of Arcadia but when I stay in my town I really like visiting the museums, going to the theater where amateur groups create various events, decide to go for a walk or just take my bike and ride around the pedestrianized squares!

Last but not least, it has an amazing nightlife. This place is full of life almost every night and for that many famous Greek singers and DJs are making occasional appearances!

Only sea is missing so this city could touch the perfection! lol


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