Why You Should Choose Private Travel

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Every time you decide to travel, you wonder which destination to choose and if you’ll go alone or with a group. So the question that arises every time you wish to travel is: “Shall I travel alone, in a group or dare to choose a private tour?”

The journeys give you the opportunity to change performances and to get in touch with new civilizations and cultures.

Whether you travel alone or with your family and friends risk choosing this unique and personalized way. Here are the top 5 reasons why our company choses to offer to our guests this unique way of travelling.

      1. Your needs are our priority

If you decide to travel with a group to a new destination, you’re obligated to follow the exact itinerary. On these types of travel the packages are pre- designed and you can’t change the schedule. The positive on private tour is that you can fix your itinerary based on your needs, wishes and preferences.

      2. Communication

When you’re visiting new countries, the problem of language communication is common.  It’s very helpful to have someone to speak the same language with you so you have the possibility to communicate, to discuss queries you may have and generally to rely on someone for any problem.

      3. Security

It’s very common in countries with rich history and culture to have specific habits. For example, on the island of Crete it can be considered an illusion to tease a girl from the area. With a local guide you can avoid those misunderstandings or even worst.

     4. Luxury transfer

What more to ask during your vacation:

  • A specialized chauffeur
  • A confortable and air- conditioned van
  • Transfer from and to every destination

      5. Personalized vacation

Your tour will be designed according to your special needs and desires. You will visit the places you want and you’ll have the time to try alternative activities. Choosing Arcas Travel Services you’ll have the opportunity to explore picturesque places and have access to the authentic Greek experience.


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